Integrated Facility Services Now Fully Employee-owned

ST LOUIS, MO – Integrated Facility Services (IFS), one of the largest mechanical contractors in St. Louis, has completed the transaction to become 100% employee-owned through the newly created Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The strategic decision taken by the company’s leadership reflects the values ​​of IFS and actively demonstrates their commitment to employee fulfillment and success. Under the ESOP, all eligible employees will earn an annual share allocation, allowing them to earn ownership through their service. IFS employs more than 250 professional and trade team members at its St. Louis headquarters and its Columbia, Missouri office.

“Our employees are what sets us apart and now every employee is owner and personally invested in the success of our projects and customers. The ESOP will help our team feel more empowered to make decisions and take action to create impactful change to meet the needs of our customers and the goals of our business,” said John Rundquist, IFS . ifs signIFSpresident.

Founded in 1966, IFS provides HVAC, plumbing, piping, fire protection and building automation services to customers throughout Illinois and Missouri. The announcement comes on the company’s 55th anniversary, after decades of continued expansion and growth. The move to an ESOP does not change the management structure of the private company.

“Employee ownership is another aspect of our relationship-oriented corporate culture, which is reflected every day in the way we interact with our customers, on job boards and with each other,” said Rundquist.

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