Installer contracted for solar project that could power all of Las Vegas

Primergy Solar selected equipment suppliers and construction partners for the upcoming 690-MWAC/966-MWDC Gemini Projectlocated near Las Vegas, Nevada. Kiewit Power Constructors Co. will provide engineering, procurement and construction services and IHI Terrasun Solutions will be the battery storage integrator. The project will use Maxeon Solar Technologies’ bifacial modules.

“The final selection of equipment supply and construction partners for Gemini has been a long, detailed and thoughtful process,” said David Scaysbrook, Managing Partner of Quinbrook. “The Quinbrook and Primergy teams have worked diligently to evaluate each supplier’s credentials and track record from an ESG perspective in accordance with Quinbrook policies. This includes detailed supply chain investigation and materials sourcing to ensure we have procured responsibly, especially in a challenging market and regulatory environment for solar and storage equipment. We believe we have chosen the best possible technical combinations for a milestone project and applaud our respective teams for their efforts to get to this point.’

The Gemini project is a $1.2 billion solar array and 1,416-MWh storage facility featuring more than 1.8 million solar modules installed on approximately 6,500 acres of federal land. It will produce enough clean energy to power the entire city of Las Vegas. During the construction phase, Gemini is expected to create approximately 1,000 local jobs, which will be sourced through union participation. Construction is expected to be completed in 2023 with operations beginning shortly thereafter.

“The Gemini Project is extraordinary in its scope and scale, and we are excited to join Primergy in significantly expanding the availability of clean energy,” said Dave Flickinger, executive VP of Kiewit Energy. “With more than 40 years of experience in developing renewable energy projects, we are well equipped to deliver an outstanding solar array and battery system while also supporting Primergy’s commitment to safety, reliability environmental stewardship and the surrounding community.”

Gemini is designed to reduce the physical footprint of the array to preserve local flora and fauna, Primergy stated in a press release. The company has partnered with biologists to create the industry’s first Desert Tortoise Relocation Plan, which tracks, cares for and will safely reintroduce the protected species back into their natural habitat once construction is complete. Additionally, Primergy will implement construction processes such as using alternative site preparation methods, establishing narrow road corridors into the project site and building appropriately spaced, raised rows of solar modules to ensure nearly 80% of the land on site remains open to the sky.

“While the size, scale and innovative integration of solar PV coupled with battery storage makes Gemini one of the most complex clean energy projects ever developed, Gemini also sets new and timely benchmarks in sustainable infrastructure development,” said Ty Daul, CEO of Primergy. “Through Gemini, Primergy has pioneered a holistic approach to responsible project development that considers complete ecosystem management, collaborative partnerships with local and community stakeholders and undertakes careful due diligence in supply chain and equipment selection. This the company procures responsibly ensures, minimizes environmental impact and delivers lasting community benefits across jobs, training and ongoing education in the benefits of large-scale clean energy infrastructure.”

News item from Primergy Solar

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