Industrial commerce company Inxeption adds solar procurement financing to platform

Industrial trading company Inxeption has incorporated solar procurement financing into its industrial market ecosystem. This integration allows solar buyers (such as large scale installers and solar developers) to grow their business through extended payment terms.

“Traditional financing conditions are detrimental to clean energy growth,” said Josh Allen, CCO of Inxeption. “The entire solar product supply chain is constrained by a lack of working capital and increased volatility in global freight forwarding. Instead of getting multiple projects off the ground at once, today’s solar installers are at the mercy of a strained cash flow.”

Inxeption’s new fintech integration addresses these challenges by providing embedded financing for orders placed through Inxeption’s industrial marketplace. With an instant qualification process, no prepayment penalties and an all-inclusive price for products, services and financing, Inxeption is reimagining industrial procurement workflows.

“Installers can now use the Inxeption Industrial Marketplace to take advantage of comprehensive financing and track the status of their orders from our diverse product inventory in real time – no more worries about on-time deliveries or limited financing terms,” said Erin Clark. , president of Inxeption Energy. “Inxeption also helps reduce material costs while providing reliable logistics expertise from a centralized dashboard.”

By understanding the business cycle from a solar installer’s perspective, Inxeption is a more natural fit for solar financing than traditional banking partners. By making installers pay for panels after receiving payment from their customers, Inxeption solves a critical cash flow problem in the market. Flexible financing allows installers to generate new customers by offering their customers unbeatable conditions.

“This new integration represents our commitment to the success of our customers. It underscores our desire to provide solutions to the solar industry that other distributors simply cannot provide,” said Clark.

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