i4F releases herringbone drop-lock technology

drop lock technologyLas Vegas—i4F has expanded its drop-lock technology portfolio with the introduced of a new, patented drop-lock system specifically designed for an easier installation of herringbone panels. According to the company, the new system facilitates the fitting of a herringbone panel’s short side into the long side of an adjacent herringbone panel. Disassembly is also significantly easier, which, in turn, facilitates any necessary replacements.

According to the company, the new herringbone drop-lock technology eases installation without compromising on the high locking strength and performance. This is the latest addition to i4F’s drop-lock technologies portfolio, offering manufacturers installation systems that are tailored per product category and suitable for use on all materials.

“Due to the more complicated nature of the installation, the placement or repair of herringbone patterns have traditionally almost been exclusively reserved for professionals,” said John Rietveldt, CEO, i4F. “Our new purpose-built herringbone drop-lock system makes it possible for more end-users to do it themselves, by making installation, disassembly and replacements very similar to more conventional flooring installation techniques.”

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