i4F introduces True Grout for SPC/rigid planks and tiles

Las Vegas—I4F, a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry, has introduced True Grout on SPC/rigid core tiles and planks. Using the technology, licensee partners can offer unprecedented durability as well as an innovative middle grout line mimicking two tiles in one.

Durability on rigid core products featuring True Grout technologies is maximized due to the addition of a colored wear layer between the décor film and the core. Since grouts are directly milled into this additional wear layer, available in any color, the risk of grout damage, color deviations, staining and the gathering of mold is eliminated. This increased resilience outperforms both v-groove and traditional ceramic grouts in terms of wear and tear.

Additionally, True Grout technology enables the milling of an additional grout line in the middle of a tile or plank, thereby mimicking two pieces on a single panel. According to i4F, this greatly facilitates the creation of staggered patterns and cuts installation time in half.

“Achieving robust aesthetics while virtually halving the installation time is another example of how i4F is bringing to life its vision to enhance where people live, work and play with ingenious technologies from the floor upwards,” said John Rietveldt, CEO. “Floors and walls enhanced with True Grout technology not only look like real ceramic, but improve on the real thing by delivering stronger tiles and planks enabling greater design possibilities in any room.”

Compared to a normal v-groove grout, tiles and planks featuring True Grout technology from i4F deliver enhanced visual aesthetics and imitate perfectly the beauty of modern ‘rectified’ ceramics with a grout for both floors and walls, according to i4F. True Grout is extremely durable and delivers superior resistance to wear and tear, stains and chemical household agents. Tiles and planks with True Grout are very easy to install as well as replace, especially when compared to traditional ceramics.

The trend for wet rooms and en-suite bathrooms is driving demand for floor and wall products that imitate ceramics, according to i4F. Rigid core tiles featuring True Grout combined with i4F’s water resistant drop-lock system (i-Click4U) are ideal for bathrooms or wet rooms delivering more realistic, visible joints via integrated grout lines for both flooring and wall panels in any color.

Trademark available for licensees

i4F’s exclusive patent partnership with Quickstyle Industries gives i4F sole licensing rights for the True Grout patent portfolio in all major markets worldwide, including the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. To that end, i4F, has introduced a True Grout technology quality trademark for its licensees.

“This new quality trademark enables out licensees to guarantee the ‘real deal’ to retail with the genuine True Grout technology,” Rietveldt explained. “i4F is the only licensor of the proven True Grout technology that not only mimics the beauty of real ceramic on walls and floors, but improves on it by being easier to install, more hygienic and durable.”

Several major manufacturers—including HMTX Industries, CFL Flooring, Zhejiang Kingdom, Changzhou Jindu, Elegant Home-Tech, Zhangjiagang Yihua, Jiangsu Kentier, Jiangsu Ousheng and Poli-Eco Group—have already signed up for an i4F True Grout license. This provides them with access to the technology as well as the quality trademark, according to i4F.

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