i4F enforces patent strategy – Floor Covering News

possible lawsuitHAMONT, Belgium—i4F, a group of companies that provides patents and technologies to the flooring industry, has settled a potential civil lawsuit against US distributor Happy Feet International. According to the company, the parties agreed to an undisclosed amount and a commitment from Happy Feet to ensure that all future products using i4F locking technologies will carry an L2C holographic label.

i4F said it discovered the unlicensed products as part of its enforcement program designed to ensure that all technologies and the technologies it represents on behalf of its partners are not infringed or used without the proper licensing agreement. This enforcement program ensures that i4F licensees remain at the forefront of accessibility to the most advanced industry innovations.

According to i4F, the company discovered that the “Stone Elegance” collection of rigid vinyl SPC panels produced by Wonderful Flooring was for sale at Brookside Lumber Store without the required license. In March 2021, i4F Happy Feet announced that it knew that the company distributed Stone Elegance products using i4F’s proprietary locking technologies that did not carry the i4F label.

The amicable settlement has prevented a possible lawsuit. i4F said it will continue to protect licensees, patents and technologies around the world by implementing a patent strategy. According to the company, this patent strategy provides licensees with transparency, flexibility, a strong and broad scope of patent protection and strong enforcement.

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