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Saniflo reaches out to its award-winning Saniflo Services team in Cornwall to see how the women-led team supports the company’s claim to top-notch services.

Saniflo would claim to have the most extensive network of engineers of any plumbing brand in the UK. More than 100 highly experienced, highly trained plumbing companies have been hand-picked to join the Saniflo engineering team and span the length and breadth of the UK to fulfill the company’s claim to a first-class backup and repair service. guarantees.

In Cornwall, Saniflo is represented by Saniflo Services Cornwall, which was established in 2002 and is currently managed and owned by Lyn Bester-Johnson. She has faithfully served Saniflo and their customers all over Cornwall since taking over the business from her brother-in-law who immigrated to France along with his plumbing company.

In 2005 Lynn was temporarily joined by mechanical engineer Kathleen Kosh, who had returned to Cornwall after her studies and work and was looking for some stopover. Kathleen rejoined the Saniflo Services team in 2019 as a full-time staff member after a decade in education, and the pair continued to chair the company’s continued growth. Saniflo Services is now on the verge of recruiting and training more staff to maximize opportunities in Cornwall.

With Lyn’s exceptional reputation and skills in business development and Kathleen’s teaching and technical credentials, the duo recently won a coveted award for Best Independent Plumbing & Technical Services 2020 in Cornwall at SME News Southern Enterprise Awards. The awards recognize and reward the often unnoticed efforts of SMEs from the South West region.

Lyn is naturally delighted to be recognized, especially as a female-run plumbing company. She said: “It was really nice to be nominated for this award and of course it was a real honor to win. Being a female plumber is not an obstacle in this sector.

“As long as you have the skills and integrity, there is an opportunity. Engineering is a meritocracy – imposters are discovered. Gender is not an issue – customers are very happy as long as the job gets done. “

Lyn has wise counsel for anyone – male or female – who views plumbing as a career option. She continued, “The possibilities are endless for those who want to become a qualified plumber, but qualifications are important. Basic English and Maths support any career and, of course, open the door to more learning opportunities.

“There are endless courses at colleges across the UK and an excellent route is to start as an apprentice. This provides both theoretical and practical practical experience. Once qualified, it is mainly a matter of building reputation. This is accomplished by knowing your stuff and doing the simple things right – communication, timeliness, punctuality – never underestimate how important it is actually to show up to get the job done. “

Due to the phenomenal growth of the company, Saniflo Services hired a new member of the team in April. Richard Squire is off to a flying start and is actively training with Kath in the field, as well as following an intensive training program on the extensive range of Saniflo units.

This is critical as the company attends many jobs where the wrong unit is specified. Once Richard is fully trained, the company’s capacity will increase again, further improving response times. A new fully equipped van has also arrived after driving 105,000 miles around Devon and Cornwall on the old one.

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