HVAC services in high demand, shortages cause some delays

It is high season for heating and air companies. The pandemic has brought some challenges this time around.
High-demand HVAC services

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – It is the busiest time of year for heating and air services. Heat waves with rising temperatures in the 90s keep workers working around the clock.

“We can handle 75 to 80 service calls per day,” said Tom Wieser, Capitol Heating and Air installation manager. “Along with our crew doing substitutions, we can do two to five a day for substitutions to try and get people around.”

Bills’s Heating and Air is on track to sell ten air conditioning units this week alone.

“That’s a maximum for us,” Todd Hildenbrand, owner of Bill’s Heating and Air. “That probably doesn’t happen every week.”

Like thousands of companies, the pandemic has led to shortages of parts for AC units. Items like copper, aluminum, steel, and plastic are just some of the items that are in short supply.

As a result, fewer parts are distributed to companies and waiting times for repairs can be anywhere from a day to a week.

“Unfortunately, you use the word pandemic and everyone seems to understand it a little bit more until it’s really hot in their house, and they’re warm and want some relief,” Wieser said.

In addition, prices also rise with demand.

“Not only has the price increased because of the season, but the prices have also increased because the suppliers and manufacturers have also increased their prices,” said Hildenbrand.

Nobody likes unexpected expenses. Wieser said there are ways to avoid problems with your AC.

“The most important thing is to make sure you have a clean filter in your oven,” he said. “A dirty filter will cause a lot of problems. It will cause a lack of airflow and eventually cause the air conditioning system to lock up and you will have no cooling at all.”

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