HSGS-Ameresco to build 1.5-MW solar project for U.S. Army base in Utah

HSGS-Ameresco, a joint venture that has been certified as Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) by the Small Business Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), today announced it has signed a $7.9 million contract for designing and building a 1.5 MW ground-mounted solar system for the United States military at its Tooele Army Depot in Tooele, Utah.

The array helps reduce the electrical costs that the base incurs annually with traditional power sources. Hannah Solar Government Services (HSGS) and Ameresco entered into a joint venture in August 2021 as part of the SBA Mentor Protégé program, which helps eligible small businesses — known as protégés — gain exposure and win government contracts through of partnerships with more experienced companies, called mentors. Throughout the partnership, Ameresco will provide mentorship to HSGS and bring its expertise in delivering cleantech solutions to customers in the federal sector.

HSGS and Ameresco have previously collaborated to provide renewable energy solutions for various departments of the federal government, including contracts for the United States military, the Department of Veteran Affairs and NASA. Building on this history of HSGS supporting Ameresco projects as a subcontractor, the Tooele Army Depot project marks the first contract awarded to the joint venture the companies recently launched, HSGS-Ameresco.

“The United States military relies on many different facilities across the country, and the Tooele Army Depot is one of the posts critical to our national security,” said Dave McNeil, president and CEO of HSGS-Ameresco. “We are honored and excited to work as a joint venture to continue to support those who protect our nation.”

Originally opened in 1942, the Tooele Army Depot is a United State Army Joint Munitions Command post in Tooele Country, Utah. The post has mainly served as a storage place for, among other things, reserve and training ammunition for the United States.

“The award of the 1.5 MW ground-mounted solar PV system contract at Tooele Army Depot marks the start of an exciting next chapter for our relationship with HSGS,” said Nicole Bulgarino, executive VP of Ameresco. “We are always excited to support the US military in achieving their clean energy goals, and we are very excited to implement our innovative solar solutions and expertise in partnership with HSGS.”

Construction will begin in the summer of 2022 and be completed in the fall of 2023.

News item from HSGS-Ameresco

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