How to boost your presence online

online presenceIf you want to generate more attention for your homepage (or more traffic in your stores), online advertising is the best way to achieve that goal. According to Neilsen Research, online advertising consistently outperforms all other forms of advertising by a 2 to 1 ratio. Research shows that email marketing campaigns generate up to 21% of business revenue, and pay-per-click advertising brings in $2 for each $1 spent. Simply appearing in mobile search ad results can increase brand awareness by 46%.

Here are some tips to help you bring in more of that online traffic:

  1. Provide a chat function on your site. This allows shoppers to get more information from you before making a firm commitment. However, if you go this route, make sure you have a dedicated team that is actually available to chat with customers.
  2. Create a way to capture and track customer leads right from your page. Even if you offer them a coupon for their first purchase, never let a visitor leave your site without finding a way to continue interacting with them during their shopping journey.
  3. Use Google Analytics to track your web traffic. If you can’t track your visitors, how do you measure the results?
  4. Advertise online. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a well-produced video? Use this proven medium effectively as a commercial for your company. Additionally, consider adding a 360-degree video walk through your space to give customers the look and feel of your store. It is easily done and very effective.
  5. List your products online. In the ‘new normal’, businesses are either required to offer street sales or home delivery. What about BOPIS: buy online, pick up in store, services? Customers often want a price before they even set foot in your store. Also look into virtual estimating software.
  6. Interface good. Make sure your POS system is compatible with your online web system.
  7. Improve your Google ranking. At a time when content still rules, search is the only world that matters. Therefore, make sure that Google can find your site. As a local business, you should appear in the top two or three results when potential customers search for flooring, according to leading research firms.
  8. Request positive reviews from satisfied customers. If your site features products and services, make sure you provide a forum where customers can rate your products.
  9. Follow the buying journey of your customers. Does your site provide the tools they need to get more information or facilitate a purchase? You can also ask your customer how he got information about your store. Did they visit your website, did they provide the product information they needed, or did they get their information from another store? Keep an eye on your online presence, especially that oft-neglected “contact us” box.
  10. Do more podcasts. A podcast has been proven to give your site more visibility than just text messages.

Lisbeth Calandrino is the author of “Red Hot Customer Experience – Challenges Your Business will Face in the Next Normal.” She has been promoting retail strategies for 20 years. Contact her at to have her speak at your company or to schedule a consultation.

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