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Houston, TX, United States, August 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Houston Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor recently announced: Texas Strong Mechanical has set its sights on redefining the concept of customer service in the world of air conditioning and heating and repair. Their unique focus on this goal is the main reason for their growing success in the greater Houston area.

For more information on AC repair services for homes and businesses: https://texasstrongmechanical.com/houston-residential-and-commercial-hvac-repair-service-company/

Texas Strong Mechanical’s air conditioning and heating experts are fully trained to service and repair everything from the latest technologies in the air cooling and heating industry to decades-old equipment. For customers seeking the latest cooling and heating units available, Texas Strong Mechanical has the knowledge, expertise and inventory to provide their customers with everything they need for new unit installations.

But unparalleled technical expertise alone is not enough for Texas Strong Mechanical’s team of air conditioning and heating engineers. Their purpose requires attention to detail from customer service, designed to transform what may be expected within the air conditioning and heating industry. Texas Strong Mechanical, for example, recently stood up to assist the Houston Interactive Aquarium & Animal Reserve with an emergency repair service as the refrigeration system has to go through inspection in the next 24 hours. With such urgency that Texas Strong Mechanical worked relentlessly to deliver within 24 hours. A recent inspection revealed that 38 AC units had some issues that needed to be addressed immediately and Texas Strong Mechanical came to the rescue to update those issues and prevent the park’s unexpected closure.

In addition, recent shortages of HVAC equipment in the air conditioning and heating industries have strained the inventory inventories of most air conditioning repair service companies. Texas Strong Mechanical saw the need to stock up on much-needed equipment during the Covid-19 shutdown and is one of the few air-conditioning companies in the Houston area with the parts and equipment needed to meet the high demand during Houston’s summer months. comply.

Texas Strong Mechanical’s goal of providing their customers with the highest standard of customer service and technical excellence is at the forefront of their growing success. For anyone looking for 24-hour air conditioning, heating installation and repair service that is as committed to customer satisfaction as it is technical expertise, Texas Strong Mechanical should be on the shortlist of air conditioning service providers. For more information or to schedule an A/C unit inspection, visit their website, visit them on Facebook, or contact them at 832-419 -4488.

Texas Strong Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating

15623 Marble Canyon Way

Houston, TX 77044

Phone: (832) 419-4488

Interested parties can learn more about the Texas Strong Mechanical reputation and social media pages:

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TXstrongac/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mmc-7Qhtm_Q&list=PLcHj9tnCSl-IbN9nzwlkehekicAghSyua&index=2

Better Business Bureau (BBB): https://www.bbb.org/us/tx/houston/profile/heating-and-air-conditioning/texas-strong-mechanical-llc-0915-90060059

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Website: https://texasstrongmechanical.com/


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