Homeowner who signed $10K check over to former Omaha roofer wants his money back

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — A house needs new shingles and skylights, but owner Jason Krontz says the prepaid roofing company has gone out of business.

“I’d like to get some answers from someone. I just can’t,” he said. “Everything I’ve tried to get to them has ended in a dead end.”

As 6 News reported, Xcel Roofing and Love Our Roofs closed in April. But Krontz had hired them months before and the job never got started.

After they agreed to this contract, Jason said the Xcel Roofing representative told him that when he got his nearly $10,000 insurance check, he just had to sign it with Xcel, even though the job was about six months over.

“Email from Xcel that the check has been deposited,” Krontz said.

Krontz has asked his home insurance parent company, Liberty Mutual, if that’s a good idea. And the reply emailed in part reads, “I always recommend doing what you’re comfortable with.”

“It’s troubling because I’ve asked the insurance company. “Hey, is this normal? Do I have to do this?’ and I didn’t get a ‘No, you shouldn’t’, so I kept going.”

The deputy director of the Nebraska Department of Insurance responded by phone to 6 News.

“You can file a complaint with us,” said Martin Swanson, “but unless it’s fraud and you sign those rights, there’s not much we can do.”

A private broker who worked with a bank told 6 News that Xcel has no money to pay back Krontz’s $10,000 insurance check, which he now regrets switching to the roofing company.

“If nobody does the job and they go bankrupt, you just lose it,” Krontz said.

6 News contacted Liberty Mutual, who said it could not comment on customer claims. Xcel Roofing operated in several states and the financial intermediary hopes to get some money back where bonds were needed. But two suppliers have filed a lawsuit for $1.2 million owed by the roofing company.

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