Heatworks opens pre-orders for its plumbing-free countertop dishwasher

Heatworks finally has open preorders for the Tetra, a countertop dishwasher that the company unveiled with some fanfare at CES 2018. Because the Tetra does not require any wires, you only need to connect it to a socket. The device has a three-liter tank that you manually fill with water. Once the cycle (which takes less than an hour on the shortest setting) is complete, disconnect the gray water tank and discard the used water.

The dishwasher can wash and dry three place settings of dishes per load. At first glance, it may seem wasteful compared to manually cleaning those plates, cups, and utensils, not to mention the counter space the machine will take up. However, Heatworks claims that the machine requires less water than hand washing and rinsing.

There are several settings, including a “fruit” for washing products. In addition, the dishwasher uses recyclable cartridges with concentrated detergent to reduce waste.

The Tetra also needs less power than a standard dishwasher, according to the company. To heat water Heatworks uses Ohmic Array Technology, such as: Gizmodo notes. The Tetra uses a microwave-like approach to heating water instead of using traditional metal elements. It applications graphite electrodes and “advanced electronic controls” to excite natural minerals in water. With that setup, the Tetra can efficiently heat water and maintain precise temperature control, according to Heatworks.

while there are other countertop dishwashers that do not require a pipe connection, the Tetra has a smaller water tank than many of its rivals. Farberware’s FDW05ASBWHA model (which is currently) $340) has a volume of five litres. The Tetra can also heat the water more efficiently than other models.

The Tetra normally costs $499, but Heatworks offers a $100 discount to those who: place a pre-order now. The detergent cartridges cost about $6 each and should be good for 20 washes depending on the setting and load capacity. Heatworks expects to ship the Tetra by May 18, 2022, which is No Dirty Dishes Day.

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