Guzman Energy begins development of 80-MW Colorado solar project

Guzman Energy is developing an 80 MW solar power project about 3.5 miles southeast of Delta, Colorado.

Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA) will purchase part of the energy produced by the plant directly and Guzman Energy the rest. This is the first local renewable energy project developed in partnership with Guzman Energy since DMEA ended its power supply agreement with Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association in July 2020.

“When we started operating DMEA, we made a commitment to build local solar power. The Garnet Mesa solar project, which will serve DMEA and other Guzman loads, demonstrates our promise to our customers, ”said Chris Riley, CEO of Guzman Energy. “We will continue to tailor power solutions for our customers, using both proprietary and contracted energy sources, to provide affordable and reliable power to the communities we serve.”

The project is in the interconnection study phase and Delta County’s licensing process has begun. The construction period is expected to last 11 months, with a commercial exploitation date expected in early 2023.

Garnet Mesa is expected to create 350 to 400 construction jobs, generate $ 10 million property taxes over 35 years and cover approximately 20% of DMEA’s local power generation.

“We are very excited about this project. When we switched to Guzman Energy as our energy supplier, we had three main goals: tariff stabilization, more local renewable generation and local control. The Garnet Mesa Solar project is helping to reach all three of us, ”said Virginia Harman, acting CEO of DMEA.

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