Green Lantern Solar completes 500-kW array for employee-owned manufacturer

Renewable energy developer Green Lantern Solar completed a solar array for Chroma, a certified B Corporation in the precision optical filter industry. The 500-kW ground-mount array is producing enough energy to offset one-third of Chroma’s annual energy expenses.

The 500-kW ground-mount solar array is covering one-third of Chroma’s energy costs. Green Lantern Solar

“This array will reduce Chroma’s operating expenses and have a real impact on its sustainability goals,” said Weston Martin, director of sustainable partnerships, Green Lantern Solar. “We’re gratified to work with companies like Chroma who are taking real steps to demonstrate how costs savings and a clean energy future can be achieved.”

The virtual net-metered solar project was developed, constructed and is owned and operated by Green Lantern Solar and is the company’s most recently completed in its home state of Vermont. The energy produced by the 1,870 solar module array is approximately 958,200-kWh.

“As a certified employee-owned B Corporation, Chroma is committed to sustainable and socially responsible business practices,” said Newell Lessell, CEO of Chroma. “This new solar array will enable us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint even as our business continues to grow.”

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