Gov. Ron DeSantis visits the Suncoast, signs Senate Bill 76

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) — Governor Ron DeSantis visited Sarasota on Friday morning and signed Senate Bill 76.

This bill deals with home contents insurance and creates extra pressure if contractors want to file an insurance claim for roof repairs. According to lawmakers, this is a dangerous financial practice.

The bill was also a hot-button issue in the state legislature. And unless you had a roof repaired or had to deal with your home insurance policy, you may never have known.

Jesse Curry and Roofing by Curry do not file insurance claims for their roofing projects. They chose to stay out of it altogether because of the bad reputation they said the practice has within the roofing industry.

“You’ve got a lot of people here who are retired, who have a steady income, and they can’t afford to double their property insurance, right?” said Curry.

Senate Bill 76, according to DeSantis, will fight the practice of filing an insurance claim for what should be minor repairs.

DeSantis wants people to move away from Citizens, the government-backed insurance company.

As part of the bill, citizens will be allowed to raise their rates to levels comparable to private insurance companies as the governor tries to keep them in Florida.

The bill’s sponsor, state senator Jim Boyd, says it would be more than a year before Floridians saw any effect from this bill in their rates. That’s assuming the bill works as intended and discourages the practice they say costs the insurance industry millions in the state.

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