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When the summer heats up, the soil really dries out.

When it comes to your lawn in need of water, no problem, just turn on the sprinklers. It’s a different story for your trees.

Your lawn sprinklers will water the top 2 or 3 inches of sod, but that’s it. The roots of trees and shrubs are much deeper and are constantly looking for the nearest available water source.

Your sewer pipes may have a small gap in a joint or a crack and that is all the root needs. Tree roots can fit through the smallest cracks and then expand to satisfy their thirst.

You never know you have a leak because the tree will clean up the mess for you. That is until you have a sewer backup due to root clogging.

You cannot solve this with a plunger. Your plumber can place a set of knives on the sewer machine that will cut through a clod. This will get things flowing again, but it won’t slow down the roots. They will return.

There are root treatments that we can put in the sewer line that will kill the roots in the pipe and not damage the tree. Treatments are usually only good for one season and should be treated again the following summer.

Best to get a camera there and see the extent of damage to the roots. That allows us to locate and excavate the fracture and replace it for a more permanent solution.

There are cheaper ways to water your trees. Most plumbers will do a free camera inspection of your mains if they are already in your home. Also ask them if they are not there for a blockage.

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