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Sealmax Roofing has carried out work on the Aviva Stadium in Dublin

Finding a job with security and long-term prospects isn’t always easy, but an Armagh company gives young people the chance to get up the career ladder with a roofing internship.

Sealmax roofing, which has offices in Armagh and Dublin, can accommodate up to six young people between the ages of 18 and 24.

The students will gain a wide range of on-the-job training and experience for a year, they will earn a salary and at the end they will have obtained an NVQ qualification.

Commercial director and Loughgall man Keith Anderson, who has worked in the construction industry for more than 20 years, said there is a shortage of staff in the industry in general, but the demand for work has not declined.

“There seems to be a shift from learning a trade after finishing school to college, and that leaves us with a skilled labor shortage, which is worrying,” he said.

The company operates across Ireland and is currently involved in a number of major contracts, including a transport hub at Dublin’s Connolly Station and apartment buildings in the city.

“They always say you can measure the state of an economy in Ireland by the number of tower cranes in Dublin and there are still over 100 cranes,” Keith added.

Keith is one of three partners in the company, the others being General Manager Shane McGleenan, who founded the company, Derek McMahon and Stuart McDonald, all of whom have decades of combined experience in the industry.

Sealmax also performs essential repair work and has contracts with leading companies, including CBRE and Knight Frank, to maintain their customers’ properties and carry out any repair work.

Major projects are also in the pipeline, such as the Monaghan Peace Campus being built by Newry firm Felix O’Hare, and Sealmax will work on it by the end of the year.

The company also specializes in maintenance and call-outs and has a contract with Irish Rail to perform the maintenance over a five-year program.

“Even during the Covid shutdown, we weren’t closed for a day,” said Keith. “We did many maintenance contracts and call-outs, as well as all the contract work allowed under the Covid guidelines.”

Keith says the company is looking to the future and that after the year’s course is over, there will be a progression route for the students.

“The idea is that they get a wide range of works in this sector so that in a few years they can move into a more supervisory role, so after that there is career development,” he said.

“We are a fairly small company, but we have the ambition to grow fairly quickly in the coming year. We use a lot of subcontractors, but our intention is to grow our own workforce so that they have a history with the company, have a qualification and there is a long life for everyone. “

The apprenticeship system is co-funded by the government and applications are now open.

Keith says they are looking for young people who are “willing to learn” and that the reward is a “long-term career path in the construction industry”.

A Construction Skills Register (CSR) card is desirable but not essential.

“Roofing is much more skilled than people realize. There are traditional metal roofing materials such as copper, aluminum, zinc, which are all about perceiving detail and fitting a system together. It’s sort of a stonemasonry where it’s all done by hand, and those are some of the skills we’ll learn, ”he said.

The company is also looking for up to five qualified, seasoned roofers to handle the big work on the books.

“We will give them every opportunity to perform within the company and feel like they are part of a forward-looking organization, where they make good money,” he added.

Check out their website here.

Also view the possibilities that Sealmax Roofing offers here.

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