Generac PWRcell battery systems can now be AC-coupled to third-party inverters

Generac Power Systems today announced an update to its PWRcell products that enables AC-coupled energy storage and integration of AC generators. With the new firmware, PWRcell batteries can accept up to 7.6 kW of AC power from external solar inverters.

The same firmware update also unlocks the ability for a new or existing Generac Guardian home standby generator to connect to a PWRcell solar + battery storage system. The AC-powered Guardian units provide comprehensive protection during power outages when the battery is depleted, and by combining an air-cooled generator with battery storage, customers can enjoy the value of clean energy along with the reliability of a home standby unit.

“Generac is proud to lead the way in imagining the future of energy through a robust offering of market-leading power solutions that enhance energy resilience and independence,” said Aaron Jagdfeld, Generac president and chief executive officer. “We continue to expand our clean energy product portfolio, expand the capabilities of solar and battery storage solutions, and provide our dealers and installers with a wide range of options for their customers.”

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