FTC Solar and AUI Partners target distributed generation PV projects in new collaboration

Solar tracking provider FTC Solar partners with solar contractor AUI partners on a new offering for the distributed generation market.

Credit: Amber Gallagher-Schranz/FTC Solar

FTC Solar’s DG Solutions Business Unit and AUI Partners will provide solar tracking services for sites below 20 MW. The partnership will leverage FTC’s Voyager+ 2P solar tracker and AUI’s experience in site design and construction for projects of this scale with the intent to reduce lead times.

“Despite the growth in DG as a result of federal and state-wide efforts for more solar projects, there is still a shortage of comprehensive solutions that provide customers with what they need in a timely manner,” said Mario Carbone, Partner at AUI Partners. “By combining FTC’s resilient and versatile Voyager tracker and optimization software with our lead generation, design, delivery and installation services, we can provide customers with an innovative design-by-installation service that ultimately benefits developers by reducing the number of project partners that they need. have to give orders.”

FTC Solar and AUI Partners are targeting multiple segments with these offerings, including commercial, community solar programs, independent power producer projects, and smaller one-off projects for industries such as agriculture. The collaboration is available across the United States.

“By ensuring materials are readily available for these projects, DG Solutions will deliver faster than many other providers in the market, which could take more than six months,” said Sean Hunkler, CEO of FTC Solar. “We see tremendous growth potential for this market in the coming years. However, to grow successfully, resilient turnkey solutions are necessary, and working with the team at AUI Partners will help us complete these projects quickly, which is a win for both the customer and the planet.”

FTC Solar unveiled its Voyager+ product in September 2021 to house large-format modules, withstand wind speeds of up to 120 mph and provide tracking solutions for complex sites. FTC Solar and AUI Partners will be exhibiting at RE+ from September 19 to 22 at booth #504.

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