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That shower you took this morning. The road you are driving on. The power that powers your computer. Lots of people help make it happen and keep going!

So what happens if they are not there? Where is the next generation of contractors, fixers and manufacturers?

Everything Country 94.7 KTTS, in collaboration with the Springfield Chamber of Commercewants YOU to help us frame the future of the Ozarks.

A four-year college degree is a great option, but not every field with many opportunities requires one. There are many incredible career opportunities available to you right now!

Prepare yourself for a life of success as you consider careers in construction, HVAC, manufacturing, plumbing, agriculture, and more!

Careers in the professions teach you lifelong, practical skills. Your education will be a fraction of the cost of a 4-year course.

You earn a lot of money and valuable experience that can even lead you to running your own business.

The best part is that there is always a high demand for skilled jobs.

View the average wages of various local occupational careers in the chart below. Also check out the average overtime pay per year for occupational careers in Springfield.

What do you say? Do you want to shape a future of success?

Take the next step today. Explore career opportunities with local businesses.

Below are a number of companies that offer great on-the-job training. Click on the company name to learn more about what each company does. Click on the link “CLICK HERE” to find out more about current vacancies and career opportunities.

“Trade of the Week” (5/31 – 6/6): Wheeler Metals

This week we’ll be highlighting our friends Wheeler Metals To learn more about incredible career opportunities at Wheeler Metals, CLICK HERE.

Wheeler Metals – “Founded in 1968, Wheeler Metals has provided quality service and products to our customers for over 45 years. Our first location was at 54th and Border in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Growing and exceeding our expectations, we moved to our current location at HWY 69 and the Arkansas River Bridge in 1996. In order to serve our customers in the surrounding areas, we have built two new locations. The first was in Springfield, Missouri in 2002 and the second was in Rogers, Arkansas in 2004.

With more than 45 years of experience, we know that the steel market is constantly changing. Wheeler Metals Muskogee houses 40 acres of new and used steel to which we are constantly adding more and more products to better meet your needs. From pipes and square tubes to welders and metal buildings, we offer a full line of structural steel, metal building components and fencing materials.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we have an attentive and friendly staff ready to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction for your steel purchases. Call us or come out anytime and we’ll show you why you should “Build it to last … Build it with steel.”

If you are interested in a career with us here at Wheeler Metals, follow the link corresponding to your desired location and position below for detailed information such as job responsibilities and requirements. CLICK HERE FOR A REQUEST. “

You can learn more about each of our trade sponsors by clicking on their logo in the list below!

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