Four U.S. developers commit to buying 7 GW of domestic solar panels annually

Four major solar property developers in the United States have joined forces to purchase 7 GW of household solar panels each year from 2024.

Thanks to AES

AES Corp., Clearway Energy Group, Cypress Creek Renewables and DE Shaw Renewable Investments (DESRI) have formed the US Solar Buyer Consortium and launched an RFP to seek qualified domestic manufacturers who can commit to a long-term strategic partnership every 7 GW of solar panels.

“Our group of companies consists of industry leaders committed to providing cost-effective, renewable energy for our customers. Our joint commitment to sourcing at this scale can provide suppliers with the assurance they need to ramp up capacity and overcome current supply chain constraints,” said David Zwillinger, CEO of DESRI.

The procurement consortium will promote a stable, domestic supply chain for solar panels. Promoting the on-shoring of the module supply chain demonstrates the procurement consortium’s belief in an American-made solar industry. More and more domestic supply chains will create lasting resilience and ease the constraints facing the industry today.

“The consortium has a large and growing pipeline of solar projects in the United States, and we are committed to supporting the US clean energy transition,” said Andres Gluski, AES President and CEO. “We are working with all kinds of customers to decarbonise their operations and the network.”

“Solar provides low-cost clean energy, provides grid resilience and is vital in tackling the climate crisis,” said Sarah Slusser, CEO of Cypress Creek Renewables. “We are proud to advance our country’s important decarbonization and clean energy goals and U.S. manufacturing through the support of this consortium.”

“Today’s announcement from the Consortium is just one step toward strengthening the U.S. solar supply chain,” said Craig Cornelius, CEO of Clearway Energy Group. “With the legislation pending in Congress, policymakers can scale our domestic manufacturing workforce and restore our country’s legacy as a manufacturing leader. We appreciate the Biden administration’s commitment to investing in American workers and urge lawmakers to seize this opportunity.”

To date, domestic solar panel production is likely to provide only less than 7 GW of panels per year. Today’s consortium announcement would encourage expansion and new facilities to meet guaranteed demand.

For suppliers interested in responding to the RFP, please contact

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