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Photo by Joselyn King The Fountain at The Highlands, located in the Town Center portion of the development, is now operational.

The fountain in The Highlands is now in operation and there are plans to make the area around it even more attractive to visitors.

Crews worked Monday to install a broken pump and repair leaking pipes on the fountain, which has been out of operation since 2019.

They have also planted trees in the green space in the Highlands Town Centre/Wharton Circle area to accommodate guests who may be staying at the hotel, during a break from a meeting at the Highlands Event Center, or enjoy some peace and quiet from a tournament in the sports complex.

“The fountain was broken for a while”, So said Ohio County Commissioner Randy Wharton. “Earlier this spring, I started to solve it together with the management team. The Commissioners consider it an important part of The Highlands, and a focal point. It was an investment and we think it should work.”

Located in front of the Marquee Cinemas, the fountain was installed by Roman Fountains over a decade ago. It was not turned on in 2020 when many shops and offices in The Highlands were closed due to COVID-19.

There were attempts to bring the fountain to life, but workers discovered that there were plumbing problems with the fountain.

“There were problems with the fountain since the beginning”, said Wharton. “When our people got in, they found that there was some water leaking into some of the controls. They were finally able to locate the plumbing issues.

“It’s been a while since it was installed.”

Wharton said the commissioners and the County Development Authority want to improve landscaping and limit the appeal of The Highlands.

“Maybe we’ll also invest in some nice banks. These can be used in good and moderate weather.” he said. “We have a pizzeria, a hotel and a sports complex there. It seems natural that someone would want to sit there after getting something to eat.

The OCDA is also looking for tenants for the AT&T building in the city center, according to Wharton. There is space on the second floor for anyone who needs office space with outlets and a backup generator, he said. Open space on the ground floor can be used for shops or restaurants.

“We will continue to work with the theater to keep them a viable business,” said Wharton. “All the Commissioners feel we really want the theater to survive because it will be an important part of the overall experience at The Highlands.”

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