Fort Lauderdale Roofing Company Getting Rave Reviews on Its Roof Replacement Projects

Roofing Company Near Me Deerfield Beach is a Southeast Florida company that has always been known for its quality roof replacement services. This is true whether the company operates closer to its office in Deerfield Beach or in Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere in Broward County. The exceptional craftsmanship displayed by the company’s crews, combined with very good customer service, has resulted in them receiving many rave reviews for their roof replacement projects. Something the company spokesperson Alonso Rivas pointed out was a huge source of pride for everyone at the company.

Rivas says, “We are fortunate to have very talented and experienced roofers here at Roofing Company Near Me Deerfield Beach who guide us in every aspect of our business. Our company is also a company that treats our customers courteously and when we promise them something for a new roof project, we make sure we deliver on that promise. It’s this comprehensive approach we take to our whole home roof replacement work that makes us highly rated by our roof replacement customers. We couldn’t be more proud than after we have a house, a customer leaves a review stating that we satisfied him in all areas of that project.”

Roofer near me Deerfield Beach

These 5 star reviews are typical of the accolades this company receives on its roof replacement Fort Lauderdale Services. Olive Bowen stated: “Roofing company Near Me Deerfield Beach did an excellent job! I received great service from the first phone call to the office to providing a quote and installing the roof. They were professional and provided quality work. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs to have their roof replaced.” Belen Stanback wrote: “The roofing work done for me was done professionally and to very high standards. Every contact with the office was handled professionally. This gave me an indication that they were a professionally run business and it proved true. I am very satisfied with their work and the way we were treated as customers.”

Rivas went on to say that when they first talk to someone at the company about roof replacement in Fort Lauderdale, the entire process begins with a thorough roof inspection. One of their experienced techs will stand on the roof and walk its entire length and width. They will check for things like raised or lowered areas in the roof that could indicate a hidden siding problem and also check for common leak-prone areas to see if these areas need extra attention during a new roof installation. He added that they will even check the roof for proper ventilation so that the new shingles or other roofing material they cover the roof with will last as long as they should. When talking to a customer about installing a new roof, free estimates are also the norm for this company. The company representative stated that their clients can also expect an estimate that is accurate and outlines even the smaller details of the job. He thinks their clients in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County appreciate that they don’t get any hidden fees on their final bill.

The company spokesperson also provided some insight into how they carry out every roof replacement project they take on. This starts with removing the old roofing material and the insulating underlayment that is underneath. At this point, he says the crew will do a secondary roof inspection of the roof’s structural components to find any wood cladding or other issues that were difficult to determine during the original roof inspection. Once this is done any issues will be rectified and they will apply a completely new layer of insulating underlayment followed by new shingles or another roofing material of the customer’s choice. Rivas says that before the project is completed they will ensure that all chimneys, roof vents and other roof overhangs are thoroughly sealed, and then the project is not considered complete until the client’s yard has been thoroughly cleaned. This is the company’s recipe for success when it comes to their roof replacement services and the reviews they receive about this work certainly back that up.

Those in Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere in Broward County looking for ‘roof estimates near me‘ can contact this renowned roofing company by phone, email or by filling out the ‘Make an appointment’ form on their website.


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Roofer near me Deerfield Beach
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