Flotex Modular hits the ‘sweet spot’ for Forbo

FlotexEvery flooring supplier demands that one product that is unique, that really stands out in a crowded market. Forbo Flooring Systems said it has such a product in Flotex Modular, a hybrid textile with a unique construction.

How it differs: Flotex Modular has a surface of densely packed nylon 6,6 fibers that provide a surface with durable abrasion and abrasion resistance. A waterproof adhesive is used, which bonds the flake to the backing and forms an impermeable layer that is resistant to moisture (flake adhesives are binding materials used to bond various substrates such as rubber, plastic and metals). particles electrostatically in adhesive layers.) A glass fiber net improves tensile strength and tear resistance. There is a second layer of fiberglass – this double strength reinforcement provides greater dimensional stability and non-shrink/curl properties.

This unique construction makes Flotex Modular easier to clean, with no loops or twists to trap debris. Most spills can be easily removed, including permanent marker. Made with up to 52% pre-consumer recycled content, Flotex Modular’s closed cell cushion backing is 100% waterproof and is comfortable and quiet underfoot, Forbo said.

Flotex Modular provides the ideal blank canvas to create new patterns and colors to meet market demand, while offering unique designs not typical of traditional carpet. The end result is a very durable, comfortable, hygienic textile floor with numerous design options.

Digital Printing

While Flotex is not a new product, it has recently been enhanced through digital printing, according to Denny Darragh, president of Forbo Flooring Systems. “Digital printing has always been possible with sheet goods and now we are able to do it modularly,” he explains. “It was a real breakthrough.”

Flotex Modular planks and tiles are digitally printed, cut and packaged in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, using materials sourced from the Forbo factory in the UK. Hazleton’s manufacturing facility features state-of-the-art printing capabilities with highly accurate, photo-realistic results, allowing for unlimited design flexibility and the ability to quickly create custom floors – in small or large quantities.

The versatile Flotex can be used in residential, commercial and Main Street applications, from healthcare facilities to athletic locker rooms. “We’ve had a huge grip on higher education as students go back to school [following COVID-19]’ said Darragh. “Our internal education is all about HCT: hygienic, cleanable and sustainable. Those are the key elements where it matters in soft-surface environments.”

Flotex Modular has 10 x 40 planks that allow customers to create eye-catching interiors that combine the comfort of carpet with the easy cleaning and durability of hard floors. “It’s an important product that has hit the sweet spot for us,” said Darragh. “We are getting good customer acceptance and getting a lot of positive dynamics going forward.”

Flooring retailers raved about the product, with one citing Flotex as “the perfect bridge” between a hard surface and a soft surface. “It combines the durability and cleanability of hard floors with the warmth, underfoot comfort, and tranquility of carpet,” said Tim Short, president of JB Short Carpet One, Southern Pines, NC. “Flotex is the perfect marriage between LVT/LVP and carpet. We have used it successfully in both residential and commercial applications.”

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