First Arena future in doubt in downtown Elmira after review

Necessary infrastructure repairs, a build-up of mold and safety issues were just some of the concerns identified by Chemung County’s IDA as impediments to the sale of Elmira’s First Arena

Rising repair costs have also sparked debate over the possible demolition of the 20-year-old arena

The IDA passed a resolution Thursday, the next step in the attempted downtown sale, which was operated by CAN-USA and Robbie Nichols until an agreement expired on July 16.

A preliminary inspection of the facility conducted by the IDA revealed several challenges that the board said should be addressed immediately, which said some of the issues could hinder a sale or lease.

The issues included door locks, HVAC maintenance, roof repair, rodent control, mold clearance, and fire alarm issues.

The solution included confirmation of the cost to replace the locks, which had already been done, and an immediate call for help to repair the fire alarm systems, as well as cost estimates for other issues.

The first Arena cash register

The locks were valued at $1,200-$1,400 according to the board, and members said the fire alarms violated the building’s insurance policy.

Chemung County IDA Treasurer Thomas Carr said he originally put forward the idea of ​​demolition to include in the estimates.

“I think it’s going to be really hard to move forward based on what I’ve seen and what I think it’s going to cost to fix that building,” said Carr, adding that she estimated the cost of demolition versus the cost. needed to know about maintenance. especially with the challenges of increasing revenue with the facility.”

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