FCNews’ charity football league now open

Charity football leagueThe NFL season starts in less than two weeks and that’s part of it FCNews’ annual Fantasy Football for a Cause competition. There are still a few spots left for individuals and companies to compete against each other for a chance to win $15,000 for their charity or charity of choice.

The competition will be covered in the pages of Carpet News all season. At the start of the season, each charity is notified about what the organization is doing to make a difference.

Here’s how the charity football league works:

  1. Each team chooses a charity or goal to play for. This can be at a local level or nationally.
  2. For each of the first 14 weeks, the highest scoring team will win $500 for their charity, while the second highest scoring team will win $250. (In the event of a tie for the first, the two teams will split the $750 equally.

The rest of the prize money will be distributed as follows:

  • If 12 teams: $15,000 for the first-place team’s charity; $10,000 to the team’s charity for 2nd place; $7,500 to the team’s charity for 3rd place; $5,000 for the team’s 4th place charity; $3,500 to the team’s charity for 5th place; $2,000 to the 6th-place team’s charity and $1,000 to all other teams’ charities. *Note: ALL charities receive a donation through the competition, not just the winners.

Each company will receive checks issued to their charity for the amount they have won during the season. This is so you can see that the exact amount won for your cause is sent to the correct contact.

The online draft for the charity football league will be held on September 8 at 5:00 PM EST. Those unable to draft or unable to designate someone to draft their team can choose ESPN’s “autopick draft” option to collect players based on pre-draft rankings. We will also manage the league with ESPN. All you have to do is log in every week and choose your starting players. There will also be weekly pick-ups so teams can improve throughout the season.

The league follows the regular season schedule and ends after week 14. The top six teams will play the playoffs, which will be held in weeks 15-17.

This is an excellent opportunity to support a meaningful cause and raise awareness and enjoy some friendly competition, so be sure to reserve your spot. To enter, send an email to dustin@fcnews.net with the following information: your name, company name and charity or charity of your choice. We’ll send payment information once you’ve expressed an interest in joining. The entry fee is $5,000 per fantasy football team.

FCNews’ Fantasy Football for a Cause competition is open to flooring industry members of all experience levels. Fantasy experience is not necessary. Every dollar of the proceeds goes to a good cause.

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