FCIF announces brand refresh, reaffirms its mission

The Floor Covering Industry Foundation (FCIF) recently unveiled the organization’s brand refresh that reaffirms its focus on providing financial assistance to those who have worked in the floor covering industry who are battling life-altering illnesses, injuries and disabilities.

According to the group, centered around the association’s new tagline, “The Heart of Flooring,” the new brand identity is the culmination of months of stakeholder input and creative iterations. As FCIF’s marketing committee chair, Sam O’Krent, owner of O’Krent Floors, created a branding subcommittee under the direction of Jeanne Matson, formerly of Starnet Commercial, to lead the effort. A guiding principle of FCIF’s rebranding effort is the group’s commitment to showcase its unique position of “people helping people” and highlight the flooring industry’s legacy of “taking care of our own.”

“The FCIF is the best-kept secret in our industry,” said O’Krent. “Established 41 years ago with ‘care’ at the heart of its mission, this amazing organization has been virtually unknown outside of North Georgia. Our goal is to reintroduce the FCIF to the entire floor covering industry with a new and fresh look and encourage more families to apply for medical assistance grants.”

Matson added, “FCIF’s new logo, imagery and updated messaging reinforce its mission: Providing financial assistance to flooring families battling life-altering illnesses, injuries and disabilities. The message is simple. The logo with a heart and embracing arms symbolizes love and inclusion and communicates what makes FCIF special—an unwavering commitment and caring approach to providing financial assistance to those in need.”

The three criteria to receive financial assistance from the FCIF are (detailed guidelines and an application can be found at the fcif.org):

  1. Applicant or household family member must have worked in the floor covering industry
  2. Currently battling a life-altering illness, injury or disability that impacts ability to work
  3. financial need

The FCIF also announced the launch of its Advocate Program, a new campaign that puts tools and resources in the hands of businesses to raise awareness of its grant program and application process. The Foundation is looking for one representative from every flooring company to participate and share these resources throughout their organization.

“We’ve had tremendous support from industry media partners to get the word out, but we knew we needed to create a grassroots program to reach installers, sales associates and employees throughout our industry,” O’Krent added. “The advocate program is a partnership with manufacturers, distributors and retailers that assigns a ‘company advocate’ to help share our message.”

Andrea Blackbourn, FCIF’s executive director, added, “We cannot do it without your help! Workplace communications are vital in helping flooring workers and their families by providing them with information and resources when facing a life-altering illness, injury or disability. Let’s make an impact in our community, together.”

Join the Advocacy Program and receive a digital toolkit to share with your employees. Each quarter, FCIF will send an updated Corporate Toolkit with FCIF logos, success stories, newsletter content, posters, web banners and social media content that can be distributed through both external marketing and internal employee communications.

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