Fast & flexible: PDI touts strength

PDI’s waterproof Poseidon laminate is available in eight colors and in 8mm and 12mm thickness.

Being the biggest isn’t always the best position to be in. If you are a relatively small hard floor supplier who wants to file your claim with the floor sellers, it is better to be fast and agile.

Pacific Direct Industries (PDI) uses the “limitations” of its size to its advantage, markets products that meet specific needs and follows up with excellent service. “The good thing about us is that we are small and can quickly change things on the floor,” said Adrian Van Raalten, vice president of sales and marketing for PDI, based in North Hollywood, California. can switch. We can discover what is hot in the market and act on it.”

What’s hot for PDI right now is the Poseidon laminate, a waterproof product it gets from China. PDI, which also supplies SPC (from China) and processed hardwood (from Cambodia), believes the time is right for waterproof laminate. As Van Raalten noted: “Many people on the market don’t distinguish between waterproof and water-resistant when it comes to laminate. Ours is waterproof: eight colors and thicknesses of 8 mm and 12 mm. We tried it out by putting a shelf in an aquarium for two weeks. We took the shelf out and couldn’t tell the difference. There were no signs of swelling or water spots. We were skeptical if the factory could really waterproof the product, but they did.”

PDI sells exclusively through a network of authorized retailers, with 80% of its operations in California, but steadily growing nationally through its full-time sales force and outside agents. “We love selling containers and we do a lot with retailers who stock containers,” says Van Raalten. “We take on all responsibility. Our factory partners are great; we have never had a problem. Our laminate has been tested.”

Van Raalten said the company’s laminate push comes at a time when there is “a lot of fatigue” in the vinyl flooring market. “Retailers have a lot of problems with claims. What we are finding is that many accounts will not accept any SPC unless it is 6.5mm or thicker.”

PDI has its own 8mm SPC for the pike, Viva Las Vegas, as well as three collections of engineered hardwoods, including Napa Valley: 4mm wear layer in a 91/2-inch wide format.

“We aim for explosive growth in 2023,” says Van Raalten.

Satisfied customers

PDI’s retail customers praise the supplier as the complete partner. “PDI is our go-to supplier for our laminate and wood floors because of the quality of the products, the customer service, the ease with which we can do business with them, and most importantly, they stand behind their product,” says Rachel Trenholm, owner of Kindred Flooring. , San Dimas, California.

Steven Hernandez, vice president of Hernandez Wholesale Flooring, Commerce, California, said doing business with PDI has been a boon to his dealership. “PDI’s selection of hardwoods, vinyl and laminates is tailored to our Southern California market, making them our regular supplier. In addition to their product, their service is superior to suppliers of their size.”

Empire Hardwood Flooring & Molding, North Hollywood, California, has also been doing business with PDI for ten years and has no complaints. “As a family owned and operated business for 25 years, we pride ourselves on building lifelong connections and partnerships,” said Alisa Jerejian, owner. “When looking for partners to bring in, we look for high quality products, great prices and, most importantly, customer service – and we found that with PDI. Their products are timeless, yet innovative. The overall experience of working with PDI from start to finish is always effortless.”

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