Family vacations, one cottage at a time

Paul Steffel was a baby when his parents and older siblings first came to our resort.

It was a family tradition back then. Like many other families, Paul’s parents and four siblings loaded up their cars and headed to a Minnesota lake for a week of relaxation—swimming, fishing, barbecuing, and family time together.

They often came with other families and friends. This was a highlight of their year, a time to share and a time to define what family means.

Paul Bugbee

As time went on, Paul and his siblings got married. Families grew and more cottages were needed to keep their holiday tradition alive. Now in their fourth generation, the Steffel families come to the resort for the same week every summer.

Together they played and laughed, jumped off our dive platform in the middle of the night, went to the Dairy Queen treats after dinner every night and played cards into the wee hours.

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