Fallout 76 CAMP: How To Build Intersecting Roofs

If you want an intersecting roof for your CAMP, you must know this trick.

With the introduction of CAMP slots in Fallout 76, many players are trying to turn their CAMPs into works of art. However, the tools Bethesda offers for building CAMP are limited unless you know how to get around their limitations. One way to do this is to create intersecting roofs with the Flamer Trap.

There are many reasons why you might want to make intersecting roofs, but they all use the same technique. Fallout 76 does not allow you to build roofs that go through the same space. However, when you break a roof, the roof disappears and does not affect the placement of other objects. The easiest way to break objects in CAMPs is to use the flame trap. Here’s how.

Step One: Install the floors and walls before adding the first roof

Build whatever first floors and walls you want for the building on which you want the intersecting roofs. Then place one of the roofs that you want to cut with another.

Pitched roofs are easier to destroy with the flame, so installing a pitched roof first can make the process easier.

Step Two: Place a flamer in line with the roof

Then position the flame trap so that the flames in line with the roof.

There are many ways to do this; one of the easiest is just to stack of stash boxes at the correct height, then place the flame arrester on top. Hovering over the flame trap will give you the option to activate or deactivate the trap; activating it activates the flame rays.

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If the jets come into contact with the roof, tThe health of the roof will deteriorate quickly and it will break. The jets should turn off shortly after.

Tip: If you don’t have the flamer trap plans, complete the Free States portion of the main quest and you should earn it as a quest reward.

Step Three: Install another roof

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After the roof is broken, you can place another roof, even if that roof crosses the previous one. If you wish, you can repeat this process several times to cross multiple roof pieces.

Step four: fix the roofs

Finally you can repair any broken pieces. If you several pieces broken to make a complex roof, it is possible to fix them all at once with your CAMP chassis.

Combined with building curved walls and sloping floors, it is possible to use intersecting roofs to create intricate structures and complex structures.

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