Ensuring that HVAC is not weakest operational link

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The warm climate of South Africa – combined with demanding local conditions – is often too much for standard heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems. Booyco Engineering’s robust solutions have built up a solid reputation here.

With more than three decades designing, manufacturing and supporting specialized HVAC systems for railway, mining and military applications, the company’s deep expertise brings a new level of health, safety and productivity to the workplace.

According to Brenton Spies, director of Booyco Engineering, the importance of effective HVAC systems has increased significantly in recent years as companies work to improve health and safety and optimize valuable uptime.

“Companies in various industrial sectors have policies that do no harm,” says Spies. “Cool, comfortable working conditions are an essential part of this trend, whether it’s for train locomotives or mining and earth-moving equipment.”

“Hot and dusty site conditions, as well as factors such as high vibration levels and uneven road surfaces, can undermine the performance of standard HVAC equipment,” he says. This invariably leads to frequent interruptions for repairs – and lost revenue due to unplanned downtime.

“We have built a niche for customers who need to operate vehicles or mobile equipment for long hours in typical South African conditions,” he says. “Our solutions provide customers with a reliable foundation for more streamlined and rewarding work cycles.”

The company’s success is based on a detailed understanding of each application, according to Grant Miller, executive director at Booyco Engineering. This includes considering the necessary standards for compliance, airflow, protection classes (IP), structural and electrical requirements, corrosion and acoustic noise.

“Our purpose-built designs are brought to life at our well-equipped 1,600-square-foot assembly facilities in Meadowdale, Gauteng, which are staffed by experienced and skilled personnel, including quality inspectors,” said Miller. “After ISO-certified processes, we ensure that our systems are robust and fit for purpose.”

This is confirmed by extensive internal and external testing before products are released. He also emphasizes that regular inspections and maintenance are crucial if owners expect smooth and continuous operation.

“Any unplanned downtime is expensive – so there must be a planned HVAC maintenance program, just like any other equipment on site,” he continues. “That’s why Booyco Engineering has skilled and competent HVAC qualified technicians all over the country.”

These technicians are mainly located at or near customer sites and carry out scheduled maintenance programs – from Komatipoort and Ermelo to Saldanha Bay, Richards Bay and Kimberley. There are also roving technicians to handle ad hoc needs.

“In many industries, an operator is not required to work when the temperature in the cab exceeds certain levels,” he says. “If an HVAC system fails, it can shut down an entire operation.”

To avoid this situation, first, install an HVAC system that is right for the job, and second, proactively care for that system through scheduled maintenance. Booyco Engineering’s capabilities encompass both important aspects, with decades of experience and a nationwide presence, Miller says.



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