Energy Plus Home Improvements on Roof Shingles in Bay City and Lansing, Michigan

When it comes to roof shingles in Bay City and Lansing, Michigan, one can easily rely on the trusted specialists at Energy Plus Home Improvements.

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Riverdale, MI – (ReleaseWire) — 30/07/2021 — The roof system of the home or business is an essential part. To keep the system in good working order, it is essential to use the best materials for the repair and installation of roofs. Have experts evaluate roof shingles in Bay City and Lansing, Michigan, their features and benefits are critical to the job.

At Energy Plus Home Improvements, homeowners can find the right roofing experts who understand quality materials that make an immediate choice. These shingles not only provide aesthetic benefits, but also add strength and character to the roof system.

Depending on the requirements and budget, one can choose between two options. Among them, fiber optic works like no other option. They are equipped with a ceramic grain screen that protects them against harmful UV radiation. They also include a woven fiberglass base mat and coated waterproof asphalt. Compared to other roofing materials, the main advantage of fiberglass shingles is that they are thin and light. With these options available, less asphalt is needed to provide hardness and durability.

You can also opt for organic products. This type of shingle is saturated with asphalt and therefore requires waterproofing. It usually consists of several layers of felt paper. Furthermore, they are covered with self-adhesive asphalt which is also covered with ceramic granules.

At Release Energy Plus Home Improvements they understand the importance of offering different roof solutions. They also understand the value of quality craftsmanship, which is why they offer installation services from their skilled, certified professionals to ensure the roof meets the highest sustainability and energy efficiency standards.

The roofers have in-depth knowledge of installation, materials and other aspects related to roof repair. Whether it’s time to install a new roof or replace a siding, conservatory or other exterior home improvement product, one can easily rely on the trusted specialists at Energy Plus Home Improvements.

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