Ellwood City Area School Board hears $24 million renovation proposal

The Ellwood City Area School Board last week heard a proposal for districtwide renovations at a cost of more than $24.3 million.

ELLWOOD CITY – It would cost the Ellwood City Area School District more than $24 million to complete all the structural upgrades suggested by engineers.

A presentation to the school board about potential renovations to all four district buildings and Slope Stadium was given Thursday by Robert Englebaugh RA of HHSDR Architects/Engineers and James Vizzini PE of CJL Engineering.

Englebaugh said the total cost for all possible renovations would be about $24.39 million.

He and Vizzini then broke down the specific projects and costs for each of the buildings and stadium.

Primary school North side

North Side projects

Englebaugh started with North Side Primary, stating that the school needs new heat fans, a chiller/boiler, a new transformer, additional HVAC work and minor roofing work.

This represents a total cost of approximately $1.2 million.

Englebaugh said bids for HVAC and transformer work for the North Side will go out this week.

The school was first built in 1992.

Hartman primary school

Hartman Projects

Englebaugh said work is already underway to install a new underground heating line at Hartman Elementary/Intermediate.

He added that the school needs additional HVAC upgrades, especially for the office/multipurpose space, which will bring the total cost to $1.6 million.

Bids for HVAC work at Hartman are also going out this week.

The school was first built in 1988.

Perry Elementary/Low Intermediate School

Perry Projects

Englebaugh said Perry Lower Intermediate needs a complete and total renovation throughout the school.

The school, which was built in 1936, has not undergone major renovation since 1966, except for a new boiler six years ago.

Englebaugh said total work includes repairing the doors and bathrooms to better meet federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, replacing all windows by reducing them by 50 percent, renovating all existing classrooms and the installation of new HVAC, plumbing, electricity and sound systems.

He and district head Wesley Shipley said they wanted to build three new classrooms to move the learning and emotional support classes from the district to the building, giving them more space.

The total cost for the Perry work would be $7.2 million.

Lincoln Junior Senior High School

Lincoln Projects

Englebaugh said Lincoln Junior-Senior High School also needs a lot of work.

He said door and paving work needs to be done, steps on stairwells need to be redone, minor roof work, fix bathrooms to update to current ADA guidelines, add bathroom to auditorium, fix boiler and other HVAC -business, refurbishing classrooms in the building, new LED lighting and replacing the fire alarm system.

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