Eguana energy storage systems now fully produced in San Jose, California

Eguana Technologies announced today that full turnkey manufacturing and supply chain management is now underway at its Omega EMS facility in San Jose, California. Every stage of the production of energy storage systems is active, including assembly of printed circuit boards, inverters and systems, and final functional testing with multiple Omega employees trained at each station. The company, together with key Omega personnel, continues to work together to optimize throughput within the production process.

“As demand scaled up very quickly, we made the decision to accelerate the entire manufacturing and supply chain transition in the March quarter. Establishing full turnkey capability and increasing our manufacturing capacity was critical, given the feedback from the market for a steady supply,” said Eguana CEO Justin Holland. “Omega has also outperformed expectations under very difficult conditions to help our development team update product design in line with current supply chain constraints, while they are reconfiguring their facility for energy storage production, assembly and testing.”

Deliveries of systems produced by Omega have started, with a current production capacity of 400 units per month. Additional test equipment is on order and is expected to be installed and commissioned within the next two quarters, with a production capacity of 800 units per month.

“We are very pleased to have all the parts in place and to be able to produce continuously here at the plant in San Jose, California. The response from the market has been excellent and we have already started expanding our business to accommodate to the expected increase in demand,” said Chris Alessio, president of Omega EMS. “With our technical development and supply chain teams as closely integrated as they are, we will continue to resolve supply chain and material constraints to achieve our production targets.”

News item from Eguana Technologies

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