Eguana adds quad-module microinverters to product lineup

Eguana Technologies announced it has expanded its power controls platform to include solar PV microinverter solutions. The Eguana Enfuse microinverter line has been developed to accept higher power than competitive products, delivering up to 15% more energy annually. Inclusive of single-, dual-, and quad-module configurations, the Enfuse line allows installers and homeowners to maximize rooftop solar configurations with fewer parts, providing a more efficient installation process and better reliability.

The updated platform offers a seamless customer experience, enhanced system performance, and a single point of contact for installation support, product training and after-sales service. Eguana’s energy storage solutions will remain universally compatible with third-party PV inverters, inclusive or retrofit installations.

“The Enfuse line of microinverters is launching at the perfect time,” said Brent Harris, founder and EVP at Eguana. “Solar sales have historically been driven by savings calculations with energy storage solutions presented as an optional luxury addition. Today, energy storage has taken center stage with the focus on grid transformation, resiliency and distributed power through virtual power plants, the solar array is becoming the charging accessory for storage system infrastructure.”

Enfuse will be available in the US starting in Spring 2022.

News item from Eguana

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