Durato USA puts its own spin on SPC

It’s a huge plus for Durato dealers like Ed Kaplan, owner of Floors Unlimited, Garden City, NY, who receives container loads directly from the port with backup from Durato’s warehouse in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

Ditto for King of Prussia, Pa.-based Floors USA, a Durato customer since inception. “We get service the next day or within two days,” said Scott Erlbaum, owner. “Moreover, our technicians love it; it is easy to install.”

Ken Borden, owner of Carpet Mill Outlet in New Windsor, NY, is another satisfied customer. “Durato is the only line we carry,” he said. “We stock every color of the entry-level lines and order the rest specially with a two- to three-day delivery service.”

Pyon estimates that approximately 50% of Durato’s operations are direct container operations from China to the customer. “It never hits my warehouse,” he said. The other half of shipments to customers are facilitated between LTL deliveries through a third party and the remainder is delivered through Durato’s own fleet.

“We have the opportunity to reduce many customer problems related to transportation, despite the ongoing problems in the ports,” explains Pyon. “It’s getting better, although it’s not completely resolved yet. There are still some issues with the availability of triaxles, but we have always delivered. That makes us different.”

Another plus for Durato’s customers, according to Pyon, is the fact that the retail customers can enjoy a degree of exclusivity. “They don’t have to worry about competition because not everyone has our products,” he said. “That means fewer people negotiating prices, which means more margin for them. More importantly, we don’t deliver to the box stores; our commitment is to small business owners. I have a small business mentality, so we want to grow our business with them. We will never sell to the big boxes, no matter how much money they offer.”

A winning formula

Durato USA’s philosophy in building its business over the past eight years – providing quality products on a consistent basis at a competitive price and backing it up with prompt delivery and local inventory – has proven to be the right recipe for success. The company went from nothing in 2013 to about $80 million in sales last year, and it is on track to generate $100 million in sales by 2023.

While the bulk of its business, roughly 70-80%, is attributed to multi-family housing and heavy commercial projects, Durato sees more movement on the housing replacement and new construction side. Pyon attributed the growing awareness in residential to the reputation the company has built in the commercial arena.

“We have grown significantly as a company during the COVID-19 era,” said Pyon. “Every two years we double the business and grow by 30% or 40%. We are not perfect, but we solve problems quickly and our customer base is very happy with us. Our goal is to be the best at everything we do. That is our guiding light.”

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