Duke Energy Florida sets up bring-your-own-battery virtual power plant pilot program

Duke Energy Florida has established a pilot virtual power plant program where residential customers can sign up with their own existing batteries.

The 12-month study will allow Duke Energy to call on these devices to support the grid during times of peak demand, with the expectation that energy costs for participants will decrease.

“Batteries are an exciting technology that will play an important and evolving role in how energy is delivered to customers now and in the future,” said Melissa Seixas, president of the state of Duke Energy Florida. “With the introduction of studies like BYOB, we are developing ways to provide even greater value to our customers while improving energy resilience and advancing solar technologies in Florida.”

Duke Energy is partnering with suppliers such as Sunrun, Generac, SolarEdge and Virtual Peaker to provide existing Florida battery customers the opportunity to participate in the BYOB battery study.

“We want to provide innovative solutions that increase grid resilience and expand home backup power options,” said Mary Powell, CEO of Sunrun. “Sunrun’s partnership with Duke Energy will provide affordable, clean backup power solutions for Florida households while also supporting community-level network reliability. This research is an example of how collaboration can accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.”

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