Dillon’s Heating & Cooling Introduces the HVAC Economizer: A Unique Form of Energy Bill Reduction

Dillon’s Heating & Cooling is a Lenexa, KS based company known for coming up with different ways to help its residential and commercial HVAC customers save money. A prime example of this is that this company has just introduced its commercial customers to a product known as the HVAC Economizer. It is an energy-saving device of the AC system that works in a unique way to enable a company to achieve a significant reduction in heating bills. The company thought this was an important enough product that they recently posted a blog article describing it in more detail. That blog post can be seen here at https://www.dillonsheatingandcooling.com/post/how-an-hvac-economizer-can-cut-down-your-energy-bill.

This newly posted company blog started with a description of what an HVAC Economizer is. It is a device that can be added to an existing commercial HVAC roof system. It will help offset the large amounts of energy that the air conditioning units on HVAC systems are known to consume. The main components in it are the sensors that activate it when the conditions are right. The blog article states that these special sensors monitor the outside air to determine if it is cool enough to help lower the temperature in the building. It also does the exact opposite when outside air temperatures don’t help with cooling and minimizes air venting when it does. Essentially, these devices are designed to provide ‘free cooling’ when outdoor conditions are favorable and this can lead to significant energy savings for a business. The new release went on to say that many businesses in the Kansas City area are already taking advantage of the shorter runtime of their cooling systems to save on their energy bills.


Many informative HVAC blog posts on other topics can be seen on this company’s website, which is located at: https://www.dillonsheatingandcooling.com/.

Company owner Jeff Dillon also spoke about the many other products and services his top-rated Kansas City HVAC company offers. This includes installing some of the most efficient residential heating and cooling systems to be found in the home marketplace. He stated that they can also enter into household oven and AC repairs, maintenance adjustments, and even money-saving maintenance agreements with their customers. Their services also include commercial heating and air conditioning. Something the business owner says no commercial HVAC project is too big, too small, or too difficult for them to tackle. They are also always on hand and ready to handle any emergency HVAC repairs that their customers require at any hour of the day or night.

Dillon’s Heating & Cooling also has an impressive track record of satisfying both its residential and commercial HVAC customers. Caitie Marquardt wrote: “Jeff, the owner, was the one who came to quote us for replacement options. He took the time to sit down and explain the pros and cons of each and was able to provide technical information to my engineer husband who had already done a lot of research. We finally decided to upgrade to a very efficient system. The price was competitive and the planning was fast. Both Jeff and Rigo performed the installation and they were both extremely professional. Recommended!” Sonia Hodgin stated, “Jeff and his crew are incredible! I have tons of rental income and it’s not easy. But with HVAC, refrigeration or heating, they’ve got me covered. My tenants love it! This company makes me a better landlord and the happy tenants of my tenants, which makes this a great win-win. Late night, early morning, no apologies Jeff and the team are there on time, and a job well done!” These ratings come from Dillon’s Heating & Cooling’s Google Maps business listing, where they have a perfect 5-star average of over 150 reviews.

Those in and around Kansas City who would like more information about HVAC Economizers or other products Dillon’s Heating & Cooling offers can refer to the aforementioned website or the company’s Facebook page which can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Dillonsheatingandcooling/.

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