Demand for HVAC Services Soars Amid Minnesota’s Early Heat Spell

(KNSI) — The early Minnesota heat wave is driving demand for air conditioning maintenance and repair.

Julie Preusser, office lead at Opie’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning in St. Joseph, says they’re extremely busy and company owner Don Opheim says he’s never seen it this hot so early in the morning. summer.

“The way the [A/C] units have to work harder and harder, and then you see them collapse,” Preusser said. “So our demand for our engineers – we can’t keep up.”

Preusser said the company has hired more technicians and installers to keep up with the high volume of maintenance and installation requests. Another complication: The national shortage of computer chips is hitting manufacturers of HVAC-related devices.

“When it gets really hot, the appliances work harder to cool themselves and also keep up with the items in the freezers and refrigerators,” Preusser said. “If that happens, they will also break. We notice that the demand for repair of appliances has also increased enormously.”

Preusser said the chip shortage is making it harder for technicians to get the parts they need to repair those devices.

Progressive Insurance says some ways to keep your aircon running in the summer to regularly clean filters and vents, turn off the appliance when you are not at home, and use ceiling fans to lower the indoor temperature by a degree or two.

Preusser says Opie’s One Hour continues to hire technicians and installers to help address air conditioning and other appliance needs in the area.


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