Crossville releases 2022 Interior Design Trends Look Book

Crossville, Tenn.—Crossville has released its 2022 Design Trends Look Book. The digital publication showcases three current aesthetics prevalent in commercial and residential interior design. The trends were first presented by Crossville’s vice president of marketing, Lindsey Waldrep, as part of the “Global Design Trends” panel discussion at the 2022 Coverings Expo. In this presentation, Waldrep identified the trio of trends relevant to North America and highlighted the influence of each on modern tile design.

The three trends – Courtly Conduct, Era of Contrast and Take It Outside – have arisen from societal shifts and cultural perspectives.

  • Courtly Conduct reflects a contemporary focus on timeless luxury with royal influences and is directly inspired by the bold styles of hit streaming TV shows, “The Great” and “Bridgerton”. Due to the broad appeal of these programs, both the wearable and interior fashion industries welcome the royal fashion of the Baroque 18e and regency 19e centuries.
  • Era of Contrast is a two-pronged trend that reflects people’s seemingly conflicting desires for balance/wellness, security/freedom, and daring/adventure. In the first leg of the trend, visual contrast is reflected in the use of contrasts in color circles and surprising combinations of disparate shades. The second protrusion contains combinations of white with deep colors to achieve equanimity.
  • Take It Outside is a continuation of the perennial popularity of natural elements and outdoor living. This trend has really manifested itself in residential design at the heart of the pandemic and is fully extending to commercial environments today. The aim now is to not only bring outdoor elements inside, but also to reinterpret outdoor areas to provide the full functionality of indoor spaces.

In compiling these top trends and conveying the relevance of each to the tile industry, Waldrep brought a holistic perspective to address broad, overall aesthetics. “In any design project, tiling is only part of the story,” explains Waldrep. “The tile collections we create need to contribute to and collaborate with other materials, finishes and furniture to achieve a cohesive vision. We want our surface solutions to ‘play well with others’ and so we follow the overarching trends.”

The new 2022 Design Trends Look Book interprets each trend area in thematic flatlay photography with coordinating Crossville tile options.

View the full book here

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