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MindClickCrossville, Tenn.—Crossville partnered with MindClick, a leader in rating environmental health performance of manufacturers and its products. All Crossville products are now included in the MindClick MSAP, with its product selections holding the rating of Leader.

“As part of Crossville’s commitment to providing the best resources and solutions for design and installation clients, we continuously research and engage with the latest tools to access critical data needed to guide specification choices,” said Heidi Vassaloti, director of strategic accounts. “MindClick began with a commitment to level the playing field, to simplify product selection for designers so they can more easily identify products that are best for their projects, which is why this partnership is ideal for Crossville.”

According to JoAnna Abrams, CEO, MindClick, the company applauds Crossville’s commitment to the health of people and the planet as well as the company’s leadership in creating innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions. “We’re pleased to feature Crossville in Design for Health and offer designers a quick and easy way to understand and share the ways Crossville’s products support their client’s ESG goals,” Abrams said.

MindClick began in the hospitality sector and has quickly expanded to other markets such as healthcare. MindClick said it evaluates the environmental health performance of manufacturers and their products through nine primary metrics through the MindClick Sustainability Assessment Program (MSAP). Furthermore, through MSAP, every vendor and product receive “good, better, best” ratings of their social and environmental impact, helping designers specify products that complement their overall priorities.

Leader rating is the highest available from MindClick, earned for “exemplary use of environmentally and socially responsible practices throughout the life cycle of product lines, from material choice to end of life solutions.” According to the company, Crossville performs particularly well in the following metrics: Healthy interiors, carbon reduction and environmental impact of manufacturing, packaging reduction, operational impact (contribution to reducing our customers’ footprints) and end of use through our best-in-class take back program.

Additionally, Crossville has been featured in Design for Health. Powered by MindClick’s ratings, Design for Health is the designer community’s gateway to better interiors for people and planet, providing product ratings, analytics and decision tools to support ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) goals—from net zero carbon emissions and healthy interiors to waste reduction, circularity and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion).

As part of its ongoing sustainability efforts and devotion to healthier environments, Crossville said it continues to provide innovative resources that work hand-in-hand with the architecture and design communities. As part of Design for Health, Crossville said it can readily provide designers with an easy-to-understand environmental health rating for all products.

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