Create Flooring launches Downwind Logistics division

Known for its range of innovative SPC, waterproof laminate and hardwood flooring products, Create Flooring has announced the opening of its logistics sister company, Downwind Logistics. With its extensive network of contacts and offices in China and Cambodia, Downwind was established to serve the import and export needs of distributors, retailers and even other manufacturers serving the building materials industry.

Using locations in Shanghai, China; Phnom Penh City, Cambodia; and Calhoun, Ga., Downwind Logistics offers a range of services including: ocean shipping, port pick-up and drop-off, container transportation, both FTL and LTL transportation, and even temporary storage. The company can also provide customers with document handling related to import duties, import or importer security files (ISF). Downwind also works with shipping companies and suppliers in Vietnam and South Korea.

In short, Downwind Logistics does the heavy lifting. “We know how all the processes work because we are also import customers,” said Candince Zhu, CEO of Muchsee Wood/Create Flooring and president of Downwind Logistics. “Customers don’t have the connections and therefore don’t know how the import industry works. We have experience in dealing with brokers and we have experience in sourcing abroad. We can help importers save money.”

It is not only the floor interests that benefit. “We can help companies import not only floors, but also furniture, cabinets and related hardware components,” explains Zhu. “We are combining containerized shipments to build our purchasing power so we can lower everyone’s freight costs.”

Ironically, some of the importers/potential customers that Downwind Logistics targets may be competing shippers or manufacturers serving the same markets. And that’s fine of Zhu. “The services we offer through Downwind Logistics are open to everyone because it ultimately helps everyone, including us. It helps us save costs and we charge a fee for the services we provide. We have 15 years experience as a customer on the other hand; now we are the service providers.”

Downwind Logistics is now about a year in the making and has helped some customers through a difficult period during the pandemic era. “Some distributors have used our services when they couldn’t get containers or space in the ports,” explains Zhu. “We have had no problems getting space. It has worked well.”

Soup to nuts
Once the containers have landed in the United States, Downwind Logistics does not stop there. The company offers customers unloading, trucking and even temporary storage services. “We have third-party warehouse companies that work with us,” explains Zhu. “We also offer LTL. They are actually all the services that the customer needs. We charge them one price and then we handle everything right to their door. They don’t have to worry about anything.”

But with recent trends showing that the problems faced by businesses at sea and in ports have abated – along with reductions in shipping costs for SPC and WPC – you might think Downwind Logistics is a concept that’s a little too much. came late. However, Zhu begs to differ.

“Yes, shipping costs are going down, but the problem we’re seeing is that it’s taking a long time for the shipping issues to normalize. People don’t realize that even though shipping costs are falling, service levels haven’t improved. Even companies that do their production in the US still have to import the raw materials.”

For more information about Downwind Logistics, call: 877. 611. 9245.

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