Crayhill Renewables, Exelon Power Services roll out renewable energy financing and operations platform

Crayhill Renewables, the Nashville-based renewables affiliate of Crayhill Capital Management, and Exelon Generation Company, doing business as Exelon Power Services, announced a comprehensive lifecycle management program designed to support renewable energy projects by offering end-to-end financing and operational services.

The partnership provides the industry with a unique combination of renewable developer solutions that include pre-Notice to Proceed lending, transmission and development advisory, take-out equity from Crayhill Renewables, and post-Commercial Operations Date operating solutions from Exelon Power Services. Exelon Power Services combines the company’s operational expertise with its industry leading customer business to provide a complete spectrum of power plant management.

This package offers project developers a single integrated solution for both financing and generation management, simplifying the complex path between early-stage development and project operations. This in turn will help accelerate the energy transition by empowering developers through Crayhill Renewable’s flexible capital products and Exelon Power Services’ capabilities in plant operations, energy management and other areas of support.

“This innovative program is designed to provide our customers with a full range of services to enable them to quickly bring renewable projects to market,” said Glen Robinson, VP of Exelon Power Services. “Our combined ability to offer capital, marketing and operations expertise can de-risk projects through their entire life cycle.”

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