Court jails 27-year-old roofing sheets agent for fraud

A court in Kumasi has sentenced a 27-year-old roofer to one year in prison for fraud.

Jones Addai admitted in his arrest warning that he had forged a DBS Roofing Industries warranty certificate after installing counterfeit Colorlink Plus roofing sheets.

According to the prosecution, the convict paid 27,000 for the sale and installation of a fake Colorlink plus roofing sheet with a 20-year warranty.

At the request of the warranty certificate, Jones provided a forged document signed by the General Manager and Audit Manager of DBS Industries.

After discovering problems in the roofing sheets, the witness went to the roofing company to demand activation of the warranty clause.

The fraudster’s conviction comes as a relief to DBS Industries.

dr. David Nyame Tawiah is Deputy Director of Operations.

“People usually complain that their color links are fading, on research you find out they don’t come from us. In these cases, you find out that they buy from agents who forge our documents. These kinds of issues make customers lose trust in us,” he said.

“This case should be a deterrent for everyone. DBS can be trusted, when we say the product has a 20 year warranty it should tell you how much confidence we have in it,” he added.

Five other cases of falsification of warranty certificates and invoices are pending in court.

According to the company, colorlink plus roofing sheets are widely accepted, hence the counterfeit.

The company says its sales representatives and agents are not authorized to take payments on behalf of the company.

“We urge the public to come to our offices to conduct business. Money has to be paid to everyone who is outside and they have to see the receipt issued for all security functions”, Ibrahim Amadu is HR and administration manager.

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