County to renovate the courthouse as part of energy plan

LANCASTER — Fairfield County Commissioners Tuesday took the first step in the courthouse renovation by passing a resolution to secure funding for a $6 million energy-saving project.

The renovation of the courthouse is an important part of the project and includes a new roof for the building.

The work also includes replacing the windows in the adjacent Law Courts, upgrading the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in some buildings, and installing a solar panel at the title office in the Liberty Center, among a host of other things. . The solar panel will serve as an experiment and perhaps lead to other county buildings that use solar energy, county facilities manager Dennis Keller said.

The Fairfield County courthouse renovation is part of a $6 million energy-saving project in which the county commission approved funding for Tuesday.

“The historic courthouse was built in 1871,” said Commissioner Dave Levacy. “It’s a sandstone building and of course it needs more maintenance than some other buildings. We’d like to restore it to its natural beauty and be something that will not only improve, but make it last for centuries.”

Columbus-based Dynamix Energy Services will be the contractor. Keller said the company will no doubt outsource the sandstone work for the courthouse. He also said that bidding is not necessary as this is the second phase of an energy project that started in 2014.

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