Construction Update: Weeks of 5/31/21 and 6/7/21 | Columbia

Check out a PDF version of this week’s update

What is happening

Columbia Business School

Site 7 (Western Site)

Site 6B (Eastern Site)

Below Grade Activity / W. 131st Street Utilities

  • Installation of permanent lighting, sockets and appliances, security cameras and wireless access points (WAPs)
  • Installation of toilet and sanitary facilities
  • The construction of the loading dock is progressing
  • The comeback of metal panels is almost complete
  • The ceiling of the truck ramp is suspended and taped
  • The installation of an acoustic ceiling tile ceiling is completed. Painting is underway.

Open spaces between 130th and 131st Street and along 12th Avenue

  • Continuation of living roof layer
  • Structural replenishment, reinforcement, formwork and concrete top plate in progress
  • Installation of power lines, cobblestones and ditch drains. Hanover pavers / hardscape to start

600 W. 125th Street

  • The excavation and foundation contractor will excavate and install the guide wall to support the excavation
  • The contractor will drill piles to support the excavation

Please note that all activities are subject to change based on weather and other field conditions.

What to Expect

Construction activity

  • Normal working hours on working days: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Working hours on Saturday and Sunday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm After office hours permit issued before 6:00 am, construction starts to allow physical distance for workers on entry to the site. Permit issued Monday through Friday from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm for installation of exterior walls in the Business School buildings outside of office hours.
  • Material deliveries to the site are underway

Temporary consequences for traffic and transport

  • Please refer to street signs for the west side of Broadway from 129th to 130th Street – parking is allowed after 6pm and on weekends
  • W. 131st Street between Broadway and 12th Avenue is open to westbound one-way traffic
  • The parking lot closes on the south side of W. 125th Street from Broadway to St. Clair Place. There is no parking on the south side of W. 125th Street from Broadway to the center block for the entire length of the 600 W. 125th Street fence.

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