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CongoleseDalton—The Floor Covering Education Foundation (FCEF) said it continues to welcome support from the flooring industry in expanding training programs in technical colleges and other training facilities. Congoleum is committed to providing flooring and supplies for FCEF programs.

“We are delighted to support a training program of this caliber,” said Joe Cea, installation specialist at Congoleum. “Providing quality training and quality products is essential to ensuring that the next generation of flooring installers have the skills needed to succeed.”

Congoleum has a long history of quality and innovation. Her contribution to FCEF demonstrates her commitment to ensuring that its products can be professionally installed at the same level of quality, the organization said.

“There is a long list of tools and materials needed for a training program, and many of those supplies cannot be reused for multiple classes,” said Kaye Whitener, director of operations at FCEF. “Every partner we have helps us make that list a little bit shorter for the training entity.”

According to Dan Gallagher, installation manager for Congoleum Flooring, the company likes to work hands-on with students while watching them learn with Congoleum products. “It’s such an honor to be part of a program that really makes a difference,” Gallagher said.

FCEF’s pilot program at Georgia Northwestern Technical College has had two unaccredited 10-week cohorts since its January launch. In August, the program shifts to an accredited 15-week program. FCEF said it has also started talks with many other schools across the country and several new programs will start by the end of the year.

“If you benefit in any way from the flooring industry, you owe it to yourself to support FCEF,” said Jim Aaron, FCEF Executive Director. “This is the biggest challenge for our industry and we need everyone’s support. Thanks to Congoleum for stepping up.”

As FCEF expands its list of engineering colleges where floor installation training is available, the organization said it is looking for more vendors to step up and help support the students. For other flooring industry suppliers and manufacturers who would like to support FCEF’s work, please visit to see all the ways to support FCEF’s initiatives and act like Congoleum Flooring.

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