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“Wood or composite?” This is one of the most important questions homeowners ask when it comes to deciding on the best type of decking for your next home project. At the Best Price – San Diego Balcony and Patio Repair, we can help you restore your existing patio or help you decide on the design and materials for a brand new outdoor addition.

Best Rate not only provides an in-depth analysis of your property or the current condition of the deck, we can also help you choose decking material and provide recommendations and solutions to create your dream deck.

In general, there are two main categories when it comes to decking material:

  1. Composite decking
  2. Wood DeckingLet’s explore both!

Composite decks

Southern Californians are lucky enough to live in one of the world’s most temperate climates. While we tend to be light in rain, the sun takes its toll when it comes to rot. Fortunately, composite is incredibly resistant to fading, degradation and general wear and tear of wood decking materials. In a nutshell… artificial decking means less overall maintenance, leaving more room for leisure!

Benefits of composite decking

  • Safer – The composite deck materials we offer meet Southern California fire rating standards.
  • Pest and rot resistant – Composite materials help prevent damage from termites and other pests and do not retain moisture or mold like wood fibers.
  • Low maintenance – Because composite materials do not need to be sanded, painted or stained, maintenance costs are much lower.
  • Environmentally friendly – Many composite decking materials are made from recycled plastics and other components.

Disadvantages of composite decking

  • Higher price – Composite is usually more expensive.
  • Less organic – Composite materials have come a long way, but often lack the natural grain and appeal of a real wood deck.
  • Requires regular maintenance – Even composite still needs some maintenance.

But what’s even better… composite isn’t just for decks! Composite can also be used for balconies, walls and other projects around the home. At Best Rate, we offer two popular composite options:

  1. Trex- an eco-friendly option made almost entirely from recycled materials (95%). These materials are also carefully processed to ensure that you receive only the highest level of quality and performance. Most professionals agree that this type of decking performs better than wood and requires much less maintenance, reducing costs over time and helping the environment!
  2. Fiberon- Another durable option, Fiberon boards may be synthetic, but they can fool you! The warm tones and grain patterns mimic those of real hardwood, just without the fading, warping and rotting you get with real wood.

Wooden decks

Who doesn’t love a natural wooden terrace? It’s hard to compete with the natural warmth and appeal of organic materials. At Best Rate, we offer you a variety of wood grains to choose from that can add a unique aesthetic to your outdoor spaces. For a new patio, we usually use cedar, Douglas fir, redwood and tropical hardwood.

Although, even pressure-treated wood or patio surfaces that have undergone staining are prone to breakdown if not cared for properly. Wood decking requires a lot of TLC. To ensure you protect your investment, wash, stain and seal your natural surfaces regularly every one to two years.

Advantages of wooden decking

  • Environmentally friendly – Typically less material is needed and old wood breaks down easily, so it’s naturally environmentally friendly.
  • Lower cost – Vs composite, the natural route is much more budget-friendly.
  • More organic – A wooden terrace gives a nice, natural feeling.

Disadvantages of wooden decking

  • High maintenance – Since even treated wood and decking is prone to wood rot, warping and insect damage, more maintenance is required.
  • Can be dangerous – wood vs. composite tends to offer slightly less safety when it comes to fire and in high fire areas this can increase fire safety

Schedule a terrace review

Most homeowners ask, “Should I go for real wood or stick with composite?” The good news is that we can help you maintain your beautiful new patio, whichever option you choose! Best Rate also offers the following maintenance and preventive services such as:

  • Deck vigorously wash and clean
  • Color cover again
  • Reseal Deck
  • Refinish deck

Remember, whether you have a composite or natural wood patio, it is absolutely critical to have your patio or decking assessed annually, especially if there has been bad weather or heat.

About our team

We have been serving San Diego since 2002 and have more than 1,000 satisfied customers. At Best Rate Repair, we pride ourselves on getting the job done right and on time. Our team of contractors and estimators are certified for deck evaluation by the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA). We are proud to say that more than half of our sales come from customer referrals. Get started on your composite decking project today by calling our team.

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