Companies replace Effingham Co. deputy’s roof

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Georgia (WTOC) – An Effingham County representative has a new roof over his family’s head thanks to some local businesses and votes from the public.

Most roofers try to outdo, outbid, and outdo each other. These two worked together for a good cause.

The two crews moved like one well-oiled machine on Danny Harrington’s roof. He is still in shock that they replaced his roof at no cost.

“The guys came into the lobby and said they wanted to give a new roof to someone from law enforcement. I was all about that because I’ve been in need of a new roof for a while,” Harrington said.

The owners of Rewis Roofing and Ridgeway Roofing decided to team up to give away a roof replacement last month and contacted the sheriff’s office.

“We wanted to do something to give back to the people in our community who give the most, which is our local law enforcement,” said Mack Ridgeway.

They put together a contest and let people vote online for the deputy or collaborator they wanted to win.

“It means so much more to us to give this to a person, especially someone in law enforcement,” Corey Rewis said.

“I just can’t believe these guys are donating what they’re donating. It’s humbled and really good to see this support,” Harrington said.

He says they get words and gestures of support from the community, but it will stay with him for a long time to come.

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